Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Award Predictions Part II

In my last post, I made my first round of year end award predictions as required by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Where the last post focused on the Connie Mack (Manager of the Year) and Willie Mays (Rookie of the Year) awards, these predictions focus on the Goose Gossage (Reliever of the Year) award, the Walter Johnson (Pitcher of the Year) and the Stan Musial (MVP) awards. As with the last post, I will only place my choices here for today and when the awards are announced after the World Series will I give thoughts into the award winners.

Goose Gossage (Reliever of the Year)
American League
  1. Greg Holland (Kansas City Royals)
  2. Dellin Betances (New York Yankees)
  3. Zach Britton (Baltimore Orioles)

National League
  1. Craig Kimbrel (Atlanta Braves)
  2. Mark Melacon (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  3. Aroldis Chapman (Cincinnati Reds)

Walter Johnson (Pitcher of the Year)
American League
  1. Felix Hernandez (Seattle Mariners)
  2. Corey Kluber (Cleveland Indians)
  3. Max Scherzer (Detroit Tigers)
  4. Matt Shoemaker (Los Angeles Angels)
  5. Phil Hughes (Minnesota Twins)

National League
  1. Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  2. Adam Wainwright (St. Louis Cardinals)
  3. Johnny Cueto (Cincinnati Reds)
  4. Doug Fister (Washington Nationals)
  5. Madison Bumgarner (San Francisco Giants)

Stan Musial Award (Most Valuable Player)
American League
  1. Victor Martinez (Detroit Tigers)
  2. Nelson Cruz (Baltimore Orioles)
  3. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)
  4. Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)
  5. Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles)
  6. Michael Brantley (Cleveland Indians)
  7. Jose Abreu (Chicago White Sox)
  8. Robinson Cano (Seattle Mariners)
  9. Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
  10. Corey Kluber (Cleveland Indians)

National League
  1. Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  2. Jonathan Lucroy (Milwaukee Brewers)
  3. Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)
  4. Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)
  5. Anthony Rendon (Washington Nationals)
  6. Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  7. Justin Morneau (Colorado Rockies)
  8. Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  9. Hunter Pence (San Francisco Giants)
  10. Adam Wainwright (St. Louis Cardinals)

When the results of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance are all announced, I'll return to the predictions and see how my choices matched up with my fellow alliance members.

Until Then Keep Playing Ball,
Baseball Sisco