Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking Back At My Pre-Season Predictions 100 Games In

Hot on the heels of giving those darn Red Sox credit (Giving The Bad Guys Their Due) for their amazing 2013 season and on my earlier post where I went back to look at my predictions after 30 games (A View of the Standings Almost 30 Games Into 2013) here I go looking at my predictions with a little more than 100 games played in the season.

Here is what the standings currently look like as the afternoon of July 23 (Courtesy of Yahoo Sports):

 American League
 Boston Red Sox6041.594--33-1827-23512424+88Lost 16-4
 Tampa Bay Rays5941.5900.534-1925-22468400+68Won 69-1
 Baltimore Orioles5743.5702.529-2028-23485444+41Won 58-2
 New York Yankees5247.5257.028-2324-24387392-5Lost 24-6
 Toronto Blue Jays4553.45913.525-2520-28444470-26Lost 52-8
 Detroit Tigers5444.551--29-1925-25493399+94Won 25-5
 Cleveland Indians5247.5252.530-1922-28466438+28Lost 16-4
 Kansas City Royals4551.4698.024-2421-27375391-16Lost 23-7
 Minnesota Twins4254.43811.023-2419-30390441-51Won 15-5
 Chicago White Sox3957.40614.021-2318-34365425-60Lost 15-5
 Oakland Athletics5841.586--30-1528-26440376+64Won 26-4
 Texas Rangers5544.5563.028-2227-22421402+19Won 13-7
 Seattle Mariners4752.47511.026-2521-27401443-42Won 77-3
 Los Angeles Angels4651.47411.026-2720-24439445-6Lost 24-6
 Houston Astros3365.33724.517-3616-29368524-156Lost 61-9
 National League
 Atlanta Braves5643.566--31-1525-28430355+75Won 15-5
 Philadelphia Phillies4950.4957.026-2123-29388434-46Lost 26-4
 Washington Nationals4851.4858.027-2221-29367392-25Lost 42-8
 New York Mets4352.45311.019-2924-23395422-27Lost 16-4
 Miami Marlins3661.37119.021-2715-34309405-96Won 14-6
 St. Louis Cardinals5937.615--29-1730-20477348+129Won 17-3
 Pittsburgh Pirates5839.5981.532-1826-21373328+45Won 25-5
 Cincinnati Reds5643.5664.532-1724-26436360+76Won 16-4
 Chicago Cubs4453.45415.522-2622-27397410-13Won 15-5
 Milwaukee Brewers4157.41819.025-2716-30381439-58Lost 15-5
 Los Angeles Dodgers5147.520--27-2324-24389388+1Won 48-2
 Arizona Diamondbacks5148.5150.527-2124-27407401+6Lost 14-6
 Colorado Rockies4852.4804.028-2320-29441437+4Lost 15-5
 San Francisco Giants4553.4596.027-2218-31385435-50Lost 25-5
 San Diego Padres4456.4408.027-2317-33397458-61Won 14-6
x-Clinched Playoff Spot; y-Division Champ
Last updated Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013 1:16 pm EDT

If the season ended today, my predictions would still be off. LOL. In the AL East, the Red Sox and Blue Jays went and screwed up by playing against expectations. (Rays, Orioles, Blue Jays, Yankees and Red Sox). In the Central, the Indians and White Sox have screwed me over (Tigers, White Sox, Royals, Indians and Twins). In the West, we all know how bad the Angels have played so in doing so they ruined the order of my predictions (Angels, Rangers, Oakland, Mariners, Astros).

In my last post, I was doing better with the predictions so let's see where we stand now. In the NL East, the Nationals are really taking a helluva nose dive both in the standings and in my predictions (Nationals, Braves, Phillies, Mets and Marlins). In the Central, those pesky Pirates are disrupting the order I came up with (Cardinals, Reds, Pirates, Brewers and Cubs). In the wild and wooly West, where it seems like no one wants to win the division everything is just head over heels in terms of what I predicted except for Padres who are in last place (Giants, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Rockies and Padres).

Luckily for me I don't make a living off of prognosticating Baseball standings. We'll see how things end up before I tap out.

Sisco Kid