Friday, May 3, 2013

A View of the Standings Almost 30 Games Into 2013

I think I'm going to take a peek into my predictions at random points during the season to see how badly I made my picks in both the American and National League Standings. So at the point of game 30 for most teams, here is how the standings look (courtesy of Yahoo Sports):

 American League
 Boston Red Sox208.714--11-59-314899+49Won 28-2
 New York Yankees1710.6302.511-56-5125114+11Won 27-3
 Baltimore Orioles1712.5863.57-510-7146121+25Won 16-4
 Tampa Bay Rays1215.4447.58-44-11113114-1Lost 25-5
 Toronto Blue Jays1019.34510.56-104-9106150-44Lost 22-8
 Kansas City Royals1510.600--8-47-611398+15Won 27-3
 Detroit Tigers1611.593--10-46-7134107+27Won 17-3
 Minnesota Twins1212.5002.57-65-698101-3Won 15-5
 Cleveland Indians1213.4803.04-68-7126109+17Won 47-3
 Chicago White Sox1215.4444.07-75-897109-12Won 25-5
 Texas Rangers1711.607--8-49-712194+27Lost 25-5
 Oakland Athletics1613.5521.59-87-5162142+20Lost 14-6
 Seattle Mariners1317.4335.09-84-9103131-28Won 16-4
 Los Angeles Angels1018.3577.06-74-11117148-31Lost 13-7
 Houston Astros821.2769.54-94-12118168-50Lost 33-7
 National League
 Atlanta Braves1711.607--8-49-711588+27Lost 24-6
 Washington Nationals1514.5172.59-76-7101116-15Won 25-5
 Philadelphia Phillies1316.4484.57-86-8107130-23Won 15-5
 New York Mets1115.4235.07-84-7126124+2Won 13-7
 Miami Marlins821.2769.55-113-1081131-50Lost 24-6
 St. Louis Cardinals1711.607--7-510-6127100+27Won 37-3
 Pittsburgh Pirates1612.5711.08-48-8116114+2Won 16-4
 Milwaukee Brewers1413.5192.59-75-6127125+2Lost 25-5
 Cincinnati Reds1514.5172.512-43-10128106+22Lost 24-6
 Chicago Cubs1117.3936.05-76-10100117-17Lost 16-4
 Colorado Rockies1711.607--9-38-8148119+29Won 14-6
 San Francisco Giants1612.5711.08-48-8124117+7Won 35-5
 Arizona Diamondbacks1513.5362.08-87-5121108+13Lost 35-5
 Los Angeles Dodgers1314.4813.57-86-691115-24Lost 16-4
 San Diego Padres1117.3936.05-76-10107131-24Won 16-4
x-Clinched Playoff Spot; y-Division Champ
Last updated Friday, May 3, 2013 3:31 pm EDT
Now looking back to my predictions for the American League from March 28, 2013, my picks for the AL are all screwed up. The only teams that I have correctly picked (if the season ended today) were the Houston Astros. Not very surprising there. The Boston Red Sox lead the majors with a 20-8 record playing gritty ball backed by some damn good pitching by Clay Bucholz and John Lester. The Yankees are also playing gritty ball leading them to a 17-11 record. Baltimore is where I thought they would be in the middle of the pack with a 17-12 record and Tampa is starting slow at 12-15. The Blue Jays are playing some bad ball amid injuries and failed expectations totally busting my prediction for the AL East with a dreary 10-19.  I know I said we need to see how this team plays together before crowning them with any championship but are the Blue Jays really this bad? Are the Boston Red Sox really this good?

Weather has played havoc on games played in the Midwest especially with snow cancelling many games. So in the AL West, Kansas City leads the division with a 15-12 record with Detroit hot on their heels with a 16-11 record. The Twins have played the least amount of games in the majors and are at .500 with a 12-12 record while Cleveland who looked like they were going to get demolished all season are actually one game under .500 with a 12-13 record. The White Sox are the bottom dwellers with a 12-15 record. Is this the season that Kansas City finally plays to the expectations and potential people have been saying that they have with their talented players and prospects?

In the West, the once again under-performing Angels are ruining my picks. First in the division are the Yu Darvish lead Texas Rangers with a 17-11 record followed by the balanced Oakland A's with a 16-13 record. After that the division takes a dip with the Seattle Mariners at 13-17 and the Angels at 10-18 and the Astros at 8-21. Can the Angels rebound in time to catch up to the Rangers and Athletics before being buried in the AL West?

My picks for the National League are a bit better compared to today's standings. In the National League East, my picks are almost on point with the exception of the flip-flop of Atlanta and Washington being one and two in the division. The Braves after a torrid start have come back down to earth with a 17-11 record while the Nationals are right behind them with a 15-14 record. The rest of the division is Philles at 13-16, New York at 11-15 and the dreadful Miami Marlins at 8-21.

The Central has the tightest race in the National League. The St. Louis Cardinals are in first with a 17-11 record. The Pirates are hot on their heels with a 16-12 record, Milwaukee at 14-13, Cincinnati at 15-14 and the Chicago Cubs joining their American League neighbors the White Sox in last place at 11-17. The Reds were my pick to end up in first place so we'll see how Dusty Baker leads this team in the months to come.

In the West, the surprising Colorado Rockies are leading the division with a 17-11 record. The healthy duo of Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzski are crushing the ball in the way the team imagined when they were both signed to long term deals. The Giants are right behind them at 16-12 and the in third Diamondbacks at 15-13. The Los Angeles Dodgers are sitting at a disappointing 13-14 and the Padres are where I thought they would be at 11-17. Injuries and slumping players have wreaked havoc on the Dodgers who came into the season with high expectations due to the arrival of new management and their high spending. Will the team gel and play to the degree that many expected them to play? Time will tell on that one.

So keep you eyes glued to the standings and I'll return to them at another point in the season to see where everyone stands.

Sisco Kid