Friday, September 20, 2013

What To Do About The Wild Card Playoff

A year into the second Wild Card slot in MLB and there is no surprise that having a second Wild Card team has been an exciting thing during the pennant race. Having a second playoff slot means that teams are in the hunt longer for a postseason berth than in previous years. But there is something nagging about the way the teams play AFTER the season. See I have an issue with a two teams crawling and scratching their way to a postseason berth and it all coming down to just one game. Anything can happen in a one game scenario (ask the Braves how they felt losing that game to the Cardinals last season). This is what I propose should happen.

Instead of playing just one game, the Wild Card should be decided by a two out of three series with the first two games being played the next day after the season ends in the form of an old fashioned double-header. If the double-header is split, then the third game is played the next day to decide the series. I think playing the first two games in the form of a classic old fashioned back-to-back double-header (not a day/night double-header) would be an exciting way to decide the Wild Card.

To be honest, I'm not sure how you decide who hosts the games. If it is at the home park of the Wild Card team with the better record or even at a neutral site. That can be hashed out later. Making a series out of it in two potential days doesn't affect the scheduling. The only thing is that there is an advantage for the team with the best record since they have to play a Wild Card team who probably would have had to use their best pitchers in the two out of three series. Then again, we see that the Wild Card has been successful in the playoffs since they are usually running on full cylinders just trying to make the postseason.

I believe that having the second Wild Card slot is a good thing. They should just do more with it than just playing one game among the two teams.

Agree? Disagree? Any other scenario and/or suggestion? Drop me a line. Let me know.

Sisco Kid.