Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Should The Yankees Do About Phil Hughes

After sitting through the 6-0 loss by the Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers and reading some of the remarks about losing pitcher Phil Hughes it got me to thinking: What Should The Yankees Do About Phil Hughes. Now Hughes had nothing in his tank from the first batter on. The Dodgers got off to a quick 2-0 lead in the top of the first and never looked back. While I think Hughes should take his fair share of blame for this loss I also believe the offense took the night off. In doing so, they made Dodger starter Chris Capuano look (as John Sterling described him on the air) fabulous. In six innings pitched, Capuano gave up only 3-hits while walking none and striking out 4. The Yankees got a runner to third only once and were 0-3 with Runners in Scoring Position. So the offense tonight was just as bad as their starting pitching. But back to Hughes.

This loss leaves Hughes with a 3-6 record and a large 5.09 ERA. Do they send him to the bullpen?  Who replaces him in the rotation. Looking at the Scranton/Willks Barre roster, do they give Ivan Nova yet another chance? Vidal Nuno? Bring up Dellin Betances? Do they wait out Michael Pineda's rehab and leave Hughes in the rotation.

I think for the moment, the decision not to bring up Chien Ming Wang and releasing him (Wang signed a Major League contract with division rival Toronto Blue Jays) will loom large. The Yankees just don't have an experienced arm to plug into Hughes' spot in the rotation. I think they have no choice but to keep putting Hughes out there every five days. Unless Hughes has a major turn around in the second half, I believe his days in pinstripes are numbered. I can even see Yankees General Manager packaging him in a trade near the deadline. But I am getting ahead of myself. We'll have to see what happens in five days.

What do you all think. Let me know.

Sisco Kid