Monday, April 1, 2013

Elvis Got Paid

Like I posted earlier on my BaseballSiscoKidStyle Facebook page:
Unless this is an April Fool's joke by CBS Sports' own Jon Heyman, The Texas Rangers and Elvis Andrus have a deal on a $120 million, eight-year extension that will bring Andrus' commitment to $131 million over 10 years through 2022.
I know this was a subject of rumor talks during Spring Training, especially with the rise of prospect Jurickson Profar. This is the kind of move that I have been in favor of. Instead of waiting for your players to reach the age of 30+ to lock them into a multi-year deal, you take your young talent (Andrus is only 24) and you lock them in. Make them part of your future. Andrus will be only 33 by the time that deal ends and in line for another payday. As per Heyman:
Andrus' total guarantee will be precisely $131.275 million over 10 years, including the $11.275 million he had left on his three-year deal through 2014. He would have been a free agent after '14.
What the Rangers do now will be interesting. Do they move Profar to 2nd Base? If so, what happens to Ian Kinsler. I have read that maybe he gets moved to 1st base or even traded. Kinsler is locked in with the Rangers until 2017 owed $70-million with the team has an option in 2018 for $12-million or a $5-million buyout. So it would make sense that the team try and move Kinsler to another position instead of trading him. A foundation made up of Andrus, Kinsler and Profar playing together for five or more year is really an attractive thought, except if you're a fan of a team other than the Rangers in the A.L. West. =)

Time will decide what course of action the Rangers take. Once again, another team is opening their wallets and locking in their players. And that is good for the game and for the fans of the Rangers.

Sisco Kid

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