Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Yankees Should Trade Robinson Cano If...

I'm going on a limb here folks. If the Yankees are in third place or worse by the deadline they should trade Robinson Cano. His agent, Mr. Scott Boras, is going to want to fleece the Yanks for a contract of over $200 million with at least 7 or 8-years. A 5-year deal would be much more economical but knowing how Scott Boras is when negotiating deals for his clients, economical isn't a word that he would use. Look at the Kyle Loshe contract situation as an example. Spring training is half done and he is still unsigned looking for the "big" annual salary. But back to Cano.

Cano tuned 30 this past October which means if they do sign him to a long term deal he'll be almost 31 when he signs it. Which means the Yankees will possibly be left with an aging 2nd Baseman of possibly decreasing skills hogging up the majority of the payroll. Sound familiar (A-Rod and possibly Mark Teixiera)? OR Cano leaves via free agency leaving the Yankees with a compensation pick. The fate of this team might be set with the believed announcement that Mariano Rivera is set to retire at season's end.

The ownership needs to make a stand now and decide if the team gets mediocre for a long time with big contracts or do they rebuild now and lose a year or two building around young players. It is time for the Yankees to look at how teams like the San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Rays are doing it through internal development and timely free agent signings. That means also trading Curtis Granderson or letting him go at the end of the season. It is time for the team to look at the future in a realistic manner even if the profits take a hit.

Real fans will understand that rebuilding is necessary rather than just plugging the holes in the now ready to explode dam. The bandwagon fans can just hop off and go back to doing what they did before the team started being successful.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big Robinson Cano fan but I have to be honest with you all, the prospects for the team's success is not looking good. Realistically speaking the team really does need to be overhauled and rebuilt from within. I believe if the Stienbrenners don't start to rebuild in earnest, the Yankees will become an irrelevant and broken shell of the successful franchise they were from 1995-2012.

Sisco Kid